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Green Economics for the 21st Century

The basic method of green economics involves making market actors pay for environmental in addition to economic costs.  This "internalizing" of environmental costs is difficult to accomplish without government assistance--usually in the form of taxes-- because most market actors would simply rather not bear the total cost of their actions.

However, as the US Developmental Network State has shown us, taxes are only one tool among many for environmental economists. The DNS also funds clean technology R&D and cleantech business incubators, as well as helps cleantech manufactures automate their manufacturing processes.  Through these diverse efforts, the US has supported the early growth of critically important industries such as wind and solar power.

Although the DNS' program managers might not have intended it, their efforts have brought us nearer to Natural Capitalism. Natural Capitalism takes advantage of the fact that economic value can be decoupled from its material basis in order to provide both abundant wealth and environmental sustainability.  The DNS represents the best possibility for such a comprehensive decoupling because its activities affect all links in the supply chain.

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